School Climbing Walls

School Roped Climbing Walls

Choosing and building your School Climbing Wall can be a bit of daunting at first but with our experienced climbers, builders, route setters and office team we can reduce a huge amount of the stress involved with any school project.

Our Experience with building school climbing walls

We have built many climbing walls and many more traversing walls for schools and other Local authorities since Climbing Wall Solutions began in 2007. We have gained a large amount of knowledge and experience on the different ways in which Local authorities work from the private sector.

This has set us up to able to work directly with schools and teachers (and sometime parents) in a way that reduces stress while getting project completed.

We truly understand the difficulties teachers can face in trying to get a Climbing Wall project up and running and we aim to help you as much as we can.

With every climbing wall we build

We will ensure that you get the best advice and Climbing Wall as well as any necessary staff training. We can then help to set you up with a Long Term Activity Structure to help keep everyone interested and challenged.

See NICAS for an outline of the structure that can be put in place to help keep users motivated and committed.

What type of climbing wall can we have?

You can have any of our School climbing walls built at your school. All this will depend on is your budget and the area that you have available to site a climbing wall.

The designs are endless and will be unique to you and your school

Climbing should alway be fun and safe and we have the ability to deliver on both and much more.

What options are there if we only have a small area available?

We can take an unused small area in a gymnasium or hall and transform it into a valuable resource for your pupil’s development.

These Roped Climbing Walls help children develop coordination, teamwork, problem- solving skills, trust, balance, strength and confidence. Such a resource can help develop an interest in the wider world of outdoor adventures.

To see some of our School Roped Climbing Wall builds click here

Considering your supplier for a School Climbing Wall?

When considering your school climbing wall supplier, be sure to check the following:

  • Climbing holds are EU certified for playground use
  • A full manufacturers warranty for the holds
  • Fixings that have worldwide product approval
  • All products are tried and tested over the years

Is the company who is installing your school climbing wall:

  • Set up as a limited company and therefore affiliated with a scheme such as the Construction Industry Scheme?
  • Public and employee liability insured?
  • Have they got experience in dealing with Local Authorities?


To see some of our fantastic School Climbing Walls click here.

Our Previous Clients:

  • LEA Schools
  • BSF contracts/PFI contracts
  • Climbing Centres
  • Private Schools
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Scouts
  • Architects
  • Community Spaces & Playgrounds
  • Leisure Centres
  • Armed Forces
  • Emergency Services
  • Overseas
  • Domestic Builds
  • Church Groups
  • Pubs
  • Caravan Parks
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