Traverse Climbing Walls

Traverse climbing walls are climbed horizontally, rather than vertically. They are ideally suited to younger children and Primary Schools, as the low height gives children the freedom to climb without height. We offer 5 types of Traverse wall to suit your school and budget.

Wall mounted traverse wall

  • Wooden wall mounted on an existing outdoor straight wall
  • Fit to any existing structure, from brick or concrete to Victorian stone
  • Tailored to fit your structure


£609.18 per 1.5 metre section
6M £2,436.72 to 10M £4,264.26

Free standing traverse wall

  • Free standing straight wood wall (outdoor)
  • Single or double-sided option
  • Can go on grass or tarmac
  • Anti-climb tops available for single sided walls to stop pupils feet getting above a safe fall height

Single-sided £1,078.59 per 1.5 metre section
6M £4,314.36 to 15M £10,785.90

Double-sided £1,324.18 per 1.5 metre section
4.5M £3,972.54 to 9M £7,945.08 | Matting recommended

Zig Zag free standing traverse wall

  • Free standing Zig Zag wall (outdoor)
  • Double-sided
  • Can go on grass or tarmac
  • Internal and external angles allow for a more varied climbing experience.


Double-sided £1,362.66 per 1.5 metre section

4.5M £4,087.98 to 7.5M £6,813.30 | Matting recommended

Budget traverse wall

  • Holds mounted directly onto an existing outdoor wall
  • Attach climbing holds to an existing wall
  • Suitable for indoors or outdoors


£197.50 per metre section
7M £1,382.50 to 10M £1,975.00

Indoor traverse wall

  • Wall mounted on an indoor wall
  • Ideal addition to a gym or sports hall
  • Add features to enhance the 3D experience
  • Hanging matting to protect users of the space from the climbing holds on the wall when it is not in use.


£563.77 per panel
 (not including matting)
5 panels (6.1M) £2,818.85 to 8 panels (9.76M) £4,510.16

Additional options

Matting: We supply grass matting or rubber crumb matting for outdoor walls and hanging mats for indoor walls. See prices.

Resetting: We can reset your traverse wall every year or two to keep it fresh and exciting. From £650.

Alphabet and numbered holds: Add games to the wall. Numbered hold set from £50.37; Alphabet hold set from £122.08.

3D features: Noodles and 3D features can be climbed around or through to add interest. Noodles £134.75 per set; 3D volumes from £350 per unit.


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What our customers say

I was highly impressed with the work of Climbing Wall Solutions from our first interaction to the completion of the project. Their communication was excellent and the project ran very smoothly. The final result is brilliant; all of our primary aged children are challenged by the colour coded climbing routes and the wall has become a very popular addition to the play activities on offer at Northleaze. I would recommend any school looking at installing a climbing wall to consider Climbing Wall Solutions as our experience was first-class!”
Steve Davis, Northleaze Primary School
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Climbing Wall Solutions provided a fast, efficient and friendly service. The children are delighted with the wall which they say is more colourful and more fun than they ever expected. We particularly like the fact that there is a choice of routes providing challenge. I would thoroughly recommend Climbing Wall Solutions for any school playground installation.”
Jo Osborne, Headteacher. The Bishops’ Primary School.
Bishop Road School has 780 primary school children and is one of the largest primary schools in the South West. We have worked closely with Climbing Wall Solutions for many years firstly with installing our indoor and outdoor climbing walls. Now they advise on safety inspections and general upkeep. We have found many of our visitors who come to the school are amazed at the climbing walls. They have had a massive impact, improving our children’s coordination skills and helping increase self-esteem. It is one of the best investments and we would argue extremely good value for money. The service has been outstanding and the quality of the product is exemplary. If you want something with a ‘wow factor’ the climbing walls have these in ‘spades’. I would suggest this is a great product for a PTFA or equivalent to raise funds for a school”
Thomas Powe, Systems and Services Manager, Bishop Road Primary School
The children really love the new Traversing Wall and it is in use every playtime. We were very pleased with the speed of the installation and the professionalism of your company. We would definitely recommend you to other schools”
Diana Horrocks, School Business Manager All Saints C of E Primary School