Why choose us?

Challenging walls climbers love

We always have at least one professional route setter putting the climbing holds onto your finished climbing wall. This ensures the very best climbing experience possible, encouraging children to make progress and keeping them interested. Other companies may not take the same care as we do, or have experienced setters doing the work.

Climbing walls

Guaranteed quality

Our climbing walls are durable and long-lasting, made with lifelong timbers to the highest standards by craftspeople. We employ a small highly trained crew to install climbing walls under the direct supervision of a project manager. We ensure that the routes are of a high standard having been set by our professional setters.

woman setting up a climbing wall with dril

The right climbing wall for your school

We will make sure you have a climbing wall that suits your school, space and budget, and we will work to a demanding schedule to ensure that your climbing wall is built on schedule and is presented to you fully ready to use. Every climbing wall is unique, made to order and tailored on site and is designed to offer interesting challenges for a range of abilities.

Outdoor climbing wall

An easy process

Our years of experience making school climbing walls and working with teachers means we understand the way you work and can make sure the process is as easy as possible, with minimum disruption to your school. We understand the difficulties teachers can face in trying to get a school climbing wall project up and running and we aim to help you as much as we can. We provide excellent customer service before, during and after the build.

Climbing matts resting against a wall

What our customers say

Anyone who knows about climbing walls has had great things to say about our new climbing wall.”
Gary Walker, General Manager, Cricklade Leisure Centre