Shepeau Stow Primary School

We have found many of our visitors who come to the school are amazed at the climbing walls. They have had a massive impact improving our children’s coordination skills and helping increase self-esteem. It is one of the best investments and we would argue extremely good value for money. The service has been outstanding and the quality of the product is exemplary. If you want something with a ‘wow factor’ the climbing walls have these in ‘spades’. I would suggest this is a great product for a PTFA or equivalent to raise funds for a school”
Phillip Smith Headteacher, Shepeau Stow Primary School
Wall Type: Traversing Wall
Dimensions: 3 Section Double Sided ZigZag Wall
Floorings: Grass Matting
Age Range: Primary
Date: November 2014
Location: Shepeau Stow Primary School, Dowsdale Bank, Shepeau Stow, Spalding, Lincolnshire